Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school: B's first day

B had his first day of 1st grade today! What a big boy. It was at a new school and he was pretty nervous. He's been excited all summer and I think last night the nervousness really set in.

The good: His teachers were nice, he liked them (I was told that they're very strict the first couple of weeks so this is a surprising start!). He was excited about German and not terribly upset that he didn't understand any of it yet. :) By the end of the day he had made a friend: named Gus. I didn't see a Gus on the list but I didn't study it extensively the other day either so either there is one or B didn't hear his name correctly (very possible!).

The bad: I asked the wrong questions. He talked away to my Mom on the phone (I think I need to call and get some info from her) but didn't tell us a whole lot. I asked about the playground and he said no one played with him on the playground. This broke my heart and I felt horrible. I think I am much more upset than him about this. Brian reminded me that at the playdate before school started (where he made friends who are all in the opposite class!) it took the kids about half an hour to warm up to each other and playtime at school definitely isn't more than that so it'll be better in a couple of days.

The Ugly: G told B everything fun that we did today without him. Brian took the day off to see B off to school and pick him up but of course we all took advantage of only having one child with us and ran some errands and went out to lunch. I'm not sure how to handle this throughout the year. How do I continue to have fun with G but not make B jealous and sad that he's at school.

Brian took the kids out for ice cream and I'm headed out to meet G's teacher. Jealous about the ice cream but excited to learn more about G's preschool. Plus I'm on day 4 of (successful) healthy eating and exercise! Hurray!


  1. Wow--it's so hard when they're away so much and we're not sure exactly what is going on! Here's hoping for a great year!

  2. Aw, sorry there were some tough parts in with the good. I would say to carve out some special time for just you and your school-boy... fun things that he loves to make him still feel very special.