Thursday, September 2, 2010

School Playdate and Meet The Teacher

OK, we've been out of the loop lately. I've been dealing with ear and sinus issues and there's been a lot going on but since it's almost time to go back to school I will share a little about this week.

Tuesday was Brian's 30th Birthday! Hurray! He joined the same decade as me (I'm the older spouse - you know, women live longer, I chose a younger guy....). ;)

The night before his birthday I got an email and on Tuesday they were having a playdate for all of the German Immersion kids and were specifically inviting the incoming 1st graders so that they could make some friends. So my husband was a trooper, and being the wonderful Daddy that he is, he celebrated his 30th birthday at the school playground! It was great for B. He met some nice kids on the playground and I think he's a bit more comfortable about starting at a new school. I met some nice Moms which makes me a bit more comfortable too! :)

Today he gets to meet his teacher and find out who is in his class. Afterwards I promised another trip to the playground so the kids are excited! Surprisingly (since he's switching schools) B is very excited to meet his teacher and go back to school this year! I'm a little nervous though because I was told by some of the parents that the 1st grade teachers start off the year by being VERY STRICT! They ease up after about 2 weeks but they set the standard high initially. While this is a good thing for the most part, I'm nervous about my son who struggles to not talk in class and hold his body still (he is a 6 year old boy - sitting still and quiet is NOT in his nature!). All I can do is pray and wait out those intial weeks. It will probably be great for him in the long run but I envision a few tears along the way...

These are my random musing about school. I'll probably write more about preschool soon. Right now I'll leave you with a quote from B "I just can't believe that G is big enough to go to preschool - I just can't believe it!" Like his Mama - he still thinks his sister is our little baby, but she's growing up!


  1. your son must go to an fcps school! i teach at a spanish immersion school and am already planning on having our son come to our school for immersion -- it is an amazing program! :)