Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog Friend Get Together!

Last night I had the wonderful blessing of getting together with two other Blog Friends Sandra and Grace. I was so excited when Grace initiated a get together and we had a girl's night last night. We went out for yummy Korean Food for dinner.

In our conversations about Korea and adoption Sandra mentioned the great cakes in Korea and Sandra had the brilliant idea of going out for dessert. We all have a sweet tooth in common and we headed over to a Korean bakery for dessert and ate Strawberry Bingsoo which you have to try if you haven't had it before! I had never heard of Bingsoo and it's amazing. Ice cream, shaved ice, rice cake, gooey goodness.

I had to wait for Grace to post on her blog so I can link to her pictures. She was the great picture taker in the group. :)

It was wonderful to talk with both of them. Sandra brought her son, Ben, home this spring and Grace is waiting for her TC (come on EP submission!!!). It's so exciting to hear the stories and it's great to talk with other people who understand this frustrating process and some of the strange things that Adoptive Parents hear from other people. It's also great that Grace speaks Korean and can share so much about the Korean culture, I'm hoping she'll let me hire her as a private tutor.... :) Plus Sandra is from Germany so if B needs a tutor I know who to call! :) I was the only dud at the table who only spoke one language fluently. I really wish we were better about that here, but that's another post in itself.

Thanks Grace and Sandra for a fantastic time! I can't wait to meet Ben and for Choi Boy to come home!


  1. how FUN! they sound like 2 awesome ladies!

  2. How special that you were able to meet up with both ladies! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and some fabulous food. Great way to spend your wait time :)

  3. That's so great that you all got to meet! I hoping we can all get together soon. Then you won't be the only dud :)

  4. yay! so fun :) and you are NOT a dud, silly! i loved meeting you can't wait to meet your littles next time!

  5. I had such a great time! I can't wait to meet your kiddos.

    I agree, Grace will have to be a Korean tutor!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic night. Those kinds of meetings and discussions are so cathartic. Thank you for sharing.

    And look at you showing off with your links now :) Impressive!

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