Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Anyone have big plans for the weekend? Brian has to work tomorrow thanks to Hurricane Earl (which changed our original plans) but we're hoping to make the best of the weekend. G has a bad cold so rest is definitely necessary but hopefully we can go out to eat, relax a bit and do some fun things around town.

Brian took B into DC and to visit the Pentagon today (plus they got to ride the VRE which is very exciting for B). G is having a movie day due to not feeling well, though we did have a lovely tea party with her stuffed animals and Alani (G's Cabbage Patch doll) up in her room. Hoping everyone is healthy and home and able to enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Sorry the kids are not feeling well. Boo. Did barker not give you guys a timeline? I figured you had the same 6-8 mo. Wait. ?