Monday, April 26, 2010

B's exciting news!

B got into a very cool program that he'll start in 1st grade. It's a partial immersion program where he'll spend part of his day fully immersed in German. By the end of 4th grade the kids are close to fluent according to the teachers at the parents' night that I attended.

We weren't sure how B would take it (it requires him to change schools) but he seems hesitantly excited. No protests at least so that's a great sign. I hear that they have a picnic or something this summer so he can get to know some of the other kids in the program and I think that will really help! :) Although he still tells me he'd rather learn Swedish. So I think we're going to start Rosetta Stone Swedish together (that'll mix well with the Korean I'm trying to learn). Yay B!
Oh - the other exciting part (if we're here long enough) is that G also will automatically get into the program if we're still living here when she starts 1st grade (that would be awesome but we're not holding our breath).

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