Monday, April 12, 2010

Thougths and update

Thoughts on the weekend:
B spent the night in G's room 2 nights in a row! It actually went really well. We set a timer and said that they could talk/giggle/etc until the timer went off then it was time for sleep. B is much better at this than G - part age and maybe part male/female genes, but both nights they were quiet by 8:30, maybe even a bit sooner. The downside - G missed naps Friday and Saturday so by Sunday she was exhausted! We made both kids take a nap/have rest time Sunday between church and Home Group - they were in their rooms at noon and we're pretty sure both fell asleep! :)

Ear Infections:
Blah! G is on her fifth round with an ear infection since November (some of those have been double so it's about 7-8 ear infections if you look at it that way). The doctor is starting to be concerned. The ENT back in November said that her ears were clear so we're not sure where to go from here.

Our Adoption Journey:
Not ours - it's the title of a blog. Her post today was excellent and I wanted to share that. There is a link on the side of my blog to hers and it's excellent. Kala - you're in my prayers! Thanks for your honesty. It helps me confront my demons more head on (not that I feel the need to write about them yet, but we'll see!). :)

Barker Annual Conference:
I attended a conference put on by our Adoption Agency on Saturday and it was excellent. Collins Tuohy (the adoptive sister from the Blind Side) was the opening Speaker and I was very interested in all she had to say. She is a wonderful speaker, seems very down to earth and connects well with her audience.
There were three sessions that I attended, the first one was on transcultural adoption. Rhonda Roorda was an excellent speaker and very friendly, I was able to speak with her briefly later on, and I especially appreciated her input as an adoptee.
The second two were both panels of adoptees. The first was siblings through birth and adoption, obviously one I was very interested in and I was very interested to hear their perspectives. The second was a panel of college students who were all international adoptees. They had a lot of good insight to offer as well. It was very well done.
Scott Simon, from NPR, did the closing and he was funny and engaging. I appreciated his insights.

Our homestudy is officially in the hands of our agency. Our wonderful social worker emailed us this morning! I am excited to move forward! :) Now I need to write the Dear Birthmom letter than I've been struggling with for too long. Please pray for me to know what to say! Thanks!


  1. Thanks for mentioning my post on your blog. I'm glad I pushed that publish button now. I will pray for you as you write the birthletter mother. I need to work on that and the foster mom letter too!

  2. oh dear.. I messed that up. I meant the birthmother

  3. That is so neat you attended that conference. If I were closer to Maryland, i would have been there.
    The dear birthmother letter was hard to write. How can you put onto paper all your thought and feelings to the woman who gives life to your child? It took me a long time to write. But I was proud of it and I hope she reads it one day.