Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sharing the News: We're expecting - G's story

G's story is a bit different. Between B and G I had a miscarriage so I'll start a few days before I found out I was pregnant. My best friend, H, told me she was expecting. I was thrilled for her. Then another friend, S, came over the next day and told me that she was expecting. I was happy for her but as soon as I shut the door I went into the house and yelled "Why is everyone pregnant except me?!?!" A couple of days later, you guessed it, we found out G was on her way.

My only exciting story for poor G is telling Brian. I wasn't able to tell Brian that I was pregnant with B. His commander told him and then he called. Since I found out in the morning that I was pregnant it was a LONG day until Brian came home and I could give him a huge hug and joyously share the news! But since I was so nervous after my miscarriage we didn't tell many people right away. After a couple of weeks I was throwing up so much (again) that I told Brian, just tell people, I don't care. I was pretty sure since I was that sick that the pregnancy was going well (they say it's a good sign - even though it doesn't feel like it). So I didn't get to tell anyone, but Brian spread the news happily. It was nice that he had the opportunity to tell people this time since he missed everything last time. In fact Brian even told B (unfortunately). He (sweetly) told Ben to pray for Mommy and the baby - then B asked if we could get the baby out of there so Mommy could feel better. My poor baby boy - I felt horrible that he had such a sick Mommy. Luckily, he did not connect that with his sister after she was born and loved her from the moment she was born (well, maybe a week or so later but thought she was OK from the moment he met her).

G - I'm sorry I don't have as much to post about sharing the news - it was almost all over the phone and through the grapevine this time - but know that you were anticipated greatly all the same!

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