Friday, April 23, 2010

Family Fun Friday and UPDATE!

Today G had a dentist appointment. It went well, no cavities. Yay!
Tonight B has Taekwondo again. He's really enjoying it so far. Last week G made a friend at the class so that really helped her pass the time.
This weekend Brian has class. :( I'm glad he's doing this program but the weekends he's gone aren't the most fun. Tomorrow will be busy though. A playdate with B's best friend from school and his little sister is planned! The kids can't wait. It's to Chuck E Cheese - NOT my favorite but the kids are thrilled.
I get to see my friend, M, this weekend! That gives me something to look forward to! Yay! I'll do better Family Fun Friday posts once we're "officially" waiting.

Now for the update! Fingerprints are scheduled for May 10! That means, of course, that we're not getting our approval until July. Grrr. Wouldn't it be nice if they started moving faster over at USCIS? But I have no real illusions of this happening (or should I say delusions). My poor blog friend, Elizabeth, has been waiting for over 9 weeks since her fingerprinting was finished. I really hope they get hers done soon so if you could send up a prayer for USCIS to get their act together, that would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Cmon, USCIS. Don't you understand that you have a lot of people depending on you? I'll be praying.

    P.S. Thanks so much for your kind comments and prayers!