Friday, April 23, 2010

Sharing the News: We're expecting - #3 (yet to be named)

OK, so now I get to share our third opportunity to tell people that we're expecting. The biggest difference this time - I didn't start throwing up before telling most people! Hurray! There is a t-shirt that I like a lot that says "So far no morning sickness....but the papercuts are terrible" :)

We decided while I was pregnant with Ella that if we decided to have any more children, it would be through adoption. We both liked this idea, it wasn't second choice at all, it was preferable to pregnancy and we know that there are a lot of amazing kids out there without homes and we'd love to have a child join our family. We had mentioned this in passing to people but I don't think too many took us seriously. ;) By the time we were serious about it we went to a couple of meetings at different agencies, found Barker and moved forward quickly (well, as quickly as paperwork allows).

My brother and sister-in-law were about the first to know. They were staying with us and they watched the kids while we went to the first couple of meetings that we had at the adoption agency! Thanks J & K! We all miss you!

I think my friend, H, was the least surprised of anyone and she was absolutely thrilled once we started moving forward. According to the timelines we've been given (which are definitely NOT set in stone) her youngest and our youngest will be less than a year apart. B is 11 months older than her B (same name - Thing 1 and Thing 2 - we love them so much!), and G is 11 months older than her C. She also has an older daughter C who was my B's very first friend and he still adores and looks up to her so much. All of our kids play so well together that we're thrilled our last two will be close in age as well.

I called my Mom. We had wanted to wait and tell them in person but we needed her to fill out some paperwork for us and I had such a hard time not telling her that Brian finally caved and told me to call and do it over the phone. My parents are very excited and they've been so supportive all 3 times! My kids adore them and pretty much think that Nonnie and Paika should move in with us (and Grandma and Grandpa too, but we'll get to them in a minute). Now the difficult part for my Mom. She couldn't tell anyone yet. We wanted to wait until after Christmas to spread the news. That was very hard for her - thanks Mom!

Just after Christmas we traveled out to see Brian's parents and brother (Grandma and Grandpa - my kids also think that they should move in with us - we need a big house!). I love to tell this story because my Mother-in-law (who is about the best MIL that ever existed) had the best reaction of anyone! We told her we were adopting and the moment it was out of our mouths she pumped her fist in the air, almost jumped out of her seat and said "YES!" Her excitement still brings tears to my eyes. My Father-in-law and Brother-in-law were also happy and they're all looking forward to meeting this little one.

I called my Grandparents (Grammy and Grandpa) and told them over the phone. They are also very excited. They are proud grandparents to 10 grandchildren (plus spouses...) and this will be their 3rd great-grandchild. My aunts and uncles on both sides of the family are very excited. On my dad's side this little one will be the 7th great-grandchild on that side - there are 14 of us in my generation plus spouses (but they range from just older than me down to my B's age).

One very nice thing that I already have set aside for a baby book/life book is a beautiful card that my cousin sent after she found out about our plans (actually 2 cards b/c after the initial one she found another that she thought had a wonderful saying about families growing that she wanted to send too - thanks S - your support means the world to me).

We've told many more friends since and all have been wonderfully supportive. I also have a few wonderful people out there who adopted (now grown) kids when I was younger and they've been a terrific support as well (thanks N and C).

The only people who don't know yet are our kids. I feel bad but G hears about something and is sure it's happening tomorrow. B could handle it better but he's not good at keeping secrets from his sister so we're waiting until it's a bit closer. So I'll have to post their reactions eventually. As it is right now they ask occasionally for a sibling (B specifically for a brother, G for a sister and a brother). It's very cute. Hopefully they'll be excited when they find out!

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