Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We were blessed to have Brian's brother and a friend from church join us for dinner today. They were awesome because they both helped cook and/or played with the kids quite a bit while Brian and I were cooking. I'm now stuffed!

Funny moments from dinner:
**I asked Ella if she remembered where we knew S from (he's in our home group at church but the kids pay very little attention to the adults). She said yes - Blue's Clues. Never thought of it but I guess he looks a little like the guy on the show. Oddly we hardly ever watch Blue's Clues.
**Ella trying to lick her plate clean (until we stopped her and sent her to the bathroom to clean up).
**Not much else so I guess I have to say that Ben was awesome during dinner. He told us about his volcano (potatoes with gravy) and ate with no complaints. If you have known my child since he was little you'd know that he used to be a horribly picky eater and meals used to be miserable. This change isn't funny but it's wonderful so I'm sharing it.

No news on the adoption front. We're hoping that our paperwork is sent to USCIS by the end of this week. First our social worker has to finish writing it up (and do one more interview, I think) and then send it to our agency for proof reading, then our SW edits it and it's ready to be sent. I hope that's not optimistic. We'll see.

Have a glorious week!

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