Friday, April 16, 2010

Family Fun Friday

Today we got to go to the Commissary and get groceries for our exciting weekend! My Mom, Aunt, Cousin, and Cousin's 2 boys are all coming to visit! I am very excited. I'm sure they'll be excited too - once they survive the drive out! :) They are due to arrive tomorrow around dinnertime. We're thrilled. G asks daily if R (my cousin's oldest) will be here after her nap. Finally I can say that he'll be here tomorrow but she still has to wait all day!

Tonight Ben has Taekwon Do which he started last week. So far he loves it! Tonight he gets to wear his new uniform for the first time and I can't wait to take pictures!

Tomorrow I'm taking both kids to have their pictures taken. We used to do this in December each year and then we moved and it got moved to later in the year and I realized....B doesn't look pale and sickly in the spring and summer! We should do pictures then! :) Poor B inherited my complexion and he always looked tired and pale in pictures taken at Christmastime, this is a much better time of year when he's been outside playing for over a month. :)

No news today so I guess our home study is still sitting in transition. Hopefully early next week it will be sent to USCIS.

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