Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm sure many of you have heard about the incident that happened with the Russian adoption. Brief overview for those of you who haven't (perhaps with a bit of my opinions mixed in so bear with me).

A woman adopted from Russia and brought her son home. She found out that he had more (emotional) difficulties than she was made aware of or able to handle. Up to this point I feel for her. I am sure that she was exhausted, not sleeping, scared, felt alone, and wasn't thinking straight. It's horrible. However, it still doesn't excuse her actions. She put this poor 8 year old little boy who, though difficult, has never been treated fully with love by anyone which has created at least some of the difficulties in the first place, on a plane alone back to Moscow with a note. That's all. She didn't contact anyone or ask for help. I am sure she was out of her mind at the time, but I am also sure that her agency said that if ever there is a problem to come to them. They will help find a new home for the child if she couldn't handle it.

Due to her actions, Russia is not threatening to close down all adoptions with the US. Right now it's not fully shut down but there are likely to be many additional hoops to jump through for those in the process and a halt on anyone coming into the process. My heart aches for all those families who have either met their children or were about to and are having everything delayed and changed. Please pray for these families. On one of the forums I'm on there are a couple of people who are pretty far into the process (one was supposed to travel this week), please keep them in your prayers! And pray for all those children in the Russian orphanages who need good homes. Thanks!

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