Saturday, January 8, 2011

6 Months Today

Our ticker turned over. We've been waiting 6 months for a referral. It's been a wonderful, long, agonizing, quick 6 months. Yes, lots of contradictions. My emotions are all over. We also got good/bad news yesterday that plays into this. Nothing definitely but some likely scenarios that don't make waiting easier! Grrr!

I've also been wondering something, maybe some of you can help me. I looked at our agencies info and it says that Home Studies are good for 1 year. Is that 1 year from agency approval? Or 1 year from USCIS approval? Big difference in when we need to get things done. Also, I was trying to remember when fingerprints expire. Is that 1 year, 18 months, 15 months - I remember there were a few different USCIS expiration dates. I should look it up.

Sorry, I'm surprised at how hard this 6 month mark is hitting me. I want to be expecting a referral soon, but I know I shouldn't. I'm watching time lines and currently it looks like 8ish months, but will it be longer by the time it gets to us? Who knows. I shouldn't speculate. It's hard not to.

If you listened this long, you deserve a cookie! Thanks for letting me whine. I think my kids may be rubbing off on me. There's been a fair amount of whining since returning from Christmas. ;)


  1. I hope your referral comes soon. I think it will be sooner than you think.
    I think the homestudy is good from the day they approved it. I can't believe they changed it from being good for 3 years to being good for only 1. Ugh.

  2. Oh my friend my heart is aching for you!! I know there are no words that I can say that will make it easier but just know you have a posse of friends standing beside you for support!

  3. Waiting with you. You are has been a wonderful, long, agonizing, quick 6 months. I feel the same way! Our time is coming. Hang in there!!!

  4. Praying and praying your referral comes soon... as in next week! Hitting new month marks is so so hard...

    Fingerprints: Expire 15 months from the date they were taken.. Your FDL expires 18 months from the date it was issued... So we had our prints done on 12/22... They expire 3/22. We got our FDL Feb-something-2010 and it expires Aug-something-2010.

    Home study: Different state-by-state... But ours is listed on the front page of our home study...

  5. I understand all the contradictions you have. It's also agonizing to look at other peoples timelines too. I'm praying that your phone rings soon!

  6. Has your agency has much movement lately with referrals, and did they give you an idea of what kind of timeline to expect? It would be very hard to not have a number or timeline. I hope it is very soon for you!

  7. oh, christy, hang in there, my friend!
    homestudies expire a year from agency approval, but they make you start working on that prior to because they expire on the first of the month. for example, our HS was approved at the end of november, but we had to get everything in by october 31 the next year because as of november 1 it was no longer valid. they notified us in september that it would be expiring soon.
    i'm praying for you!

  8. If you are at 6 months, that means we are at 5...right behind you!! I agree with the roller coaster of emotions!

  9. I know it seems so difficult, and you are correct your emotions are (and will continue to be) all over the place. I was just looking back at old emails from our agency and I remember getting a few that had subject lines that said "Enjoy!" with an attachment which meant photos of our sweet boy were attached. Or even better "Good News!" which meant movement on the list or toward the end of our journey that our TC was coming. Those were the moments that I remember now - not the difficult times. It will come. And when it does - it will all be worthwile. Trust me. Lean on us in the meantime, we know what you're going through.

  10. I always did well with the wait...until we passed the estimated timeframe for whatever step we were on.

    Its hard to see the date you thought you'd have a referral come and go with no news. You've allocated 6 months of patience and faith to this step and you need to come up with a little more.

    Hang in there. Your referral is coming and the child meant for your family will find you.