Monday, January 3, 2011

Bring Emi Faith Home

Many of you have probably read that Tracy is almost ready to bring Emi home! Hurray! But there is one last barrier. I would write it but I think others have explained it well so I'm copying part of Kala's post (sorry, Kala - thanks!).

Emi is three years old and has special needs that she will need therapy for. To me adopting a three year old who has special needs is pretty brave. By brave I mean bringing home a three year old who has lived her whole life in Korea would have to be a BIG adjustment. And when Tracy wanted to start the adoption process on Emi she was told to reconsider. Wow they would really say that? I would have been scared but Tracy and her family knew that this was their little girl and that God would be with through this whole process. They took a leap of faith not knowing how they were going to do this.

Now after many hiccups and bumps in the road the time has finally come to start packing for her trip. They have decided that it is best for her husband to stay and take care of their four kids due to circumstances. That means that not only does Tracy needs to find funds for her ticket but must also pay for a ticket for Emi and because of Emi's special needs and age the agency said that someone needs to accompany her. She has found someone to travel with her and to be her moral support but can't afford the airfare. The price of a ticket is around $1200.

Kala wrote an amazing post about giving and I'd encourage you to read it. Very inspiring! Help bring Emi Faith home!

My friend Elizabeth is having a raffle to help raise funds. Check it out! Definitely some great things being raffled off.
Daily Dose of Mama is also doing a raffle to raise funds. Please check these out!




  1. I think it is amazing how your heart is in supporting others walking this road with you. You rock! I saw your comment on the blog about the boys and church....intriguing!! Do tell! Do tell! And hey, are you on Facebook? We simply must be friends!

  2. I love seeing adopting/adoptive families supporting one another. Where would we be without each others' encouragement?? So happy to be a small part of it!