Saturday, January 8, 2011


OK, I generally don't believe in making resolutions but I'm going to work on a few things this year. I'm blogging so that they're out there and maybe I'll have some accountability.

1. Keep in better touch with friends that I love but don't live near me. I have a few friends (S, S, E, L just to name a few) that I love dearly, we keep in touch on facebook but I don't call them nearly enough. I want to change that.

2. Really trust in God's perfect timing and plan. This got a major test yesterday. It's not something I'm willing to write about now but I'm struggling a bit. I know that God is in control and He is awesome. I know that He has a plan even if it doesn't match mine - and that His is better! I just have to stop stressing about it.

OK, just the two for now - they're good ones, they're (mostly) attainable. I'm going to work on it.

I did go back to Weight W@tchers yesterday. I tried to go to meetings when we first moved here but never found a time I could consistently attend. Without the consistency I lose the advantage of the meetings. Now I'm going during preschool on Friday mornings! It'll work for a few months anyway. Hopefully only a few.... ;) The new program is different and I'm withholding judgment until I've given it a good try for a couple of weeks. The up side - most fruits are 0 points!!! :)


  1. yes, the new program is a bit different but I really like it! Your resolutions sound awesome:)

  2. i wish i had the willpower to do weight watchers. or maybe that's just an excuse. probably. ;) i love your second on the list...i need to do that, too!

  3. I like your resolutions! :) Anytime you want to chat about anything you know you can always call, even if it's really late!!!

  4. You are a brave woman! Making resolutions, I mean!