Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our exciting weekend

To kick off our exciting weekend, my baby is becoming a big girl. She moved into a "Big Girl Car Seat". I was torn. She was ready for it more than I was. Isn't that usually the case? Well, all weekend the 4 of us have been enjoying the excitement of having 2 kids that can get in and out of their car seats by themselves! :) E exclaims over it every time and I'm happy to give her accolades.

It's very strange to me that we have reached this place of independence between kids this time. When E was born it was 2 days after B turned 3. He was bigger, but still relied on Mommy for a LOT (probably more than E did at the same age, honestly). When we bring Little One home eventually we will have 2 kids that can get in and out of carseats by themselves, we're essentially done with diapers (so going back into them will be a shock), we have kids who entertain themselves for short periods of time, who can go to a restaurant and usually behave well - it's going to be different to have our 3rd monkey home. But we can't wait. There are so many things I love about those younger years that I'm looking forward to. I'm just trying to remind myself not to rush it and to enjoy these "easy" days. :)

Also we got to go to the mall this weekend and gift cards/Christmas money came with us. B got a greatly coveted remote control helicopter that he's slowly getting better at flying. Very cool and grown up! E had a gift card to Build A Bear which she was very happy to do. I knew she would LOVE this opportunity! She did not disappoint. She was thoroughly excited and had a great time. Our new bear is named Sherbet Bear (pronounced the crazy American way - Sherbert - don't know why we add the extra r?). It's an adorable pink and orange bear so the name (inspired by B) was quite appropriate. We also got there for their clearance sale so Sherbet Bear has an adorable striped sweater. OK, Mommy loved doing this with her a LOT! :)


  1. SOOO jealous about the carseats--Isaac is still 4 pounds too small. And Matthew is so small, he will probably be in this one until middle school!
    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. drew moved into one of those big boy car seats right before leo came home - if only he could learn how to buckle himself in by himself (especially on these cold, cold snowy days)...but, i like what you said about not rushing to the "easy" days. while there is lots i look forward to when leo reaches easy day status (like the no diapers and a more "relaxing" time at a restaurant) there is so much to love about the curious toddler stage too!!

  3. Aww We must see a picture of Sherbert *lol* Bear

  4. Adorable!! It sounds like kids just grow up soooo fast...

    Much love,
    Future Mama