Monday, January 10, 2011

Magic (Edited with accurate lyrics)

***Thank you Ana and Heather for remembering the lyrics and filling me in! I knew I could count on you 2 but didn't expect I would hear from you while you're traveling! Thanks! Miss you and thinking of you a lot! Can't wait to see pictures of the trip when Heather gets home!

I was singing to my kids today in the car (Ella really likes for me to sing to her and when her constant barrage of questions gets to be a bit much in the car I offer to sing her a song) and after a couple of songs that are familiar I sang a couple fun ones from the camp I used to work at that I remember much of (but need help remembering the rest of the lyrics). This one really struck me:


When I was young I thought the stars were made for wishing on
And every hole deep in the tree must hide a leprechaun.
Old houses all had secret rooms if one could find the key
I do believe in magic I believe

Magic is the sun that makes a rainbow out of rain
And magic keeps the dream alive to try and try again.
Magic is the love that stays when good friends have to leave.
I do believe in the magic, I believe.

Growing up the grown-ups said one day I'd wake to find
Magic's just a childhood dream I'd have to leave behind.
Like clothes that would no longer fit and toys that I'd ignore,
I'd not believe in magic anymore.


When I grew up I woke to find that much to my surprise
Magic did not fade away, it took a new disguise.
A child, a friend, a smile, a song
The courage to stand tall,
I do believe in magic after all.

Chorus then:
I do believe in magic
For love's the greatest magic
I do believe in magic, I believe.

OK, many parts of this strike me. Especially as I watch my kids grow. But the part that hit me today is the part bolded and italicized above. We're not trying again and again, but each day I have to renew my faith in waiting and that this will all be done in God's perfect timing. I also thought of my friend, J, who shared their journey to domestic adoption on her blog. They did have to try and try again which I can only begin to imagine. I think God puts this "magic" inside of us and gives us this supernatural strength to make it through the unknown and difficult parts of life in general, and specifically adoption. We're on a little bit of a bumpy path right now. I know that God is in control and when I start to get discouraged or frustrated, I pray for more of this "magic" in my life. And God always provides!

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